Class of the Month: Wexer Virtual Classes 

SportsDock has recently taken a big step forward and introduced a wide range of virtual classes, the first gym to do so in the local area.

What is a Virtual class?

Virtual classes are much like our live classes in that they are fitness classes that are performed by fitness professionals but the key difference is that the sessions are projected onto a wall in the studio for members to follow and participate in. Virtual classes provide flexibility, as there are a range of classes to choose from. They provide an opportunity to get a great workout for those who are unable to attend live classes or do full sessions in the gym.

What types of classes are on offer?

We run over 80 virtual classes a week and they come in categories:

  • Mind and Body (which includes yoga and Pilates)
  • Conditioning (which focuses on toning and sculpting)
  • Cardio (which includes H.I.I.T., boxing and aerobics)
  • Cycling

They also target different levels from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone. There is a set timetable that can be viewed on the SportsDock website and between 13:45-17:00 on weekdays, there is the option for user choice. So if you’re the first person there, you can pick from a library of over 150 classes participate in for up to 1 hour! So why not find a group of other members and head up there for a great social workout session.



Come and give our virtual classes a go! View the timetable on our SportsDock website and book online, by phone or in person.