Exercising On An Empty Stomach

Caffè o No Grazie? Uno sguardo alla caffeina e alle prestazioni sportive

Fare cardio al mattino permetterà al tuo metabolismo di rimanere alto per un periodo di tempo dopo l'allenamento e sfruttare l'effetto post-ustione. Naturalmente, trarrai beneficio dal fare cardio la sera, ma comprometterai l'effetto dell'effetto dopo l'ustione perché il tuo tasso metabolico diminuisce drasticamente non appena vai a dormire. Alcune ricerche supportano questa teoria, dove è stata testata su soggetti che hanno bruciato 1 kg di grasso più velocemente quando esercitati in stato di digiuno al mattino, rispetto agli individui che hanno avuto pochi pasti durante il giorno esercitati in seguito.



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Gym 101: Progressive Overload

Federazione mondiale dell'obesità. 2021. 

Qual è il principio del sovraccarico progressivo?                                                                                         

Il libro delle donne: una guida alla nutrizione, alla perdita di grasso e al guadagno muscolare

  • Intensity:

  • Volume (aka Sets & Reps) :

  • Tempo:

  • Frequency:


  • Exercise Variety


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Aydin Parmaksizoglu

Staying Active in Cold Weather

The change of seasons causes the ambient temperature changes as well. As we are currently in the winter season, the temperatures drop. When it comes to physical activity, some individuals choose to take exercising indoors and some choose to workout outside in the cold.

However as the temperatures are low outside, the temperature of our muscles can also drop, which makes this a huge aspect for the sporting performance.

As we know that the brain sends signals to the muscles via nerves, the rate of nerve conduction slows down in cold circumstances. On the other hand, muscles produce heat when they are activated, which therefore provides a protection from the cold.

Some people rush the warm up section of the workout and neglect its importance, so take some quality time and put effort in to doing correct and effective warm up with good form. This will also make you feel better and ready for exercising in the cold.

Most physical activities outdoor include running, rope skipping, jumping, and others. Studies suggest that dynamic stretching during warm up could be more effective than static stretching.

Examples of dynamic stretch can be forward lunges with a twist, knees to chest, high knees, and side shuffle. Static stretches on the other hand include stretch holds for 5-30 seconds, such examples are standing hamstring stretch, shoulder, chest, back, calf, and adductor stretches.

It is suggested that dynamic stretches can help with the warm-up of muscles and improve performance more than prolonged holds of stretches. Now that we know the importance of warm up, another benefit of it is the improved muscle flexibility and readiness for the upcoming exercises.

However, the effect of warm up doesn’t last forever. It is also recommended the warm up and stretching to last at least 15 minutes prior physical activity to gain most of its benefits.


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A Word On The ‘Fitness Lifestyle’

Per prima cosa, se hai appena iniziato il tuo viaggio di fitness, indipendentemente dal protocollo che hai scelto di seguire, stai ancora meglio di prima. Sii orgoglioso, sii felice! Anche se non cambi nulla nella tua dieta, vedrai comunque alcuni progressi. Ma questo non durerà una vita. Alla fine, man mano che progredisci, ti renderai lentamente conto dell'importanza della nutrizione. Noterai che mentre alcuni giorni ti senti molto più energico in palestra, altri giorni ti sentirai semplicemente prosciugato. Vedrai anche fluttuazioni nel tuo peso, ma farai fatica a individuare ciò che lo sta causando. Non preoccuparti! Non è necessario sapere tutto, ed è per questo che noi professionisti del fitness siamo qui. Per aiutarti e guidarti.

SportsDock Open Day

How to make the most of SportsDock’s open day

Whether you are already a member or intrigued by the thought of joining SportsDock you need to take advantage of this FREE day! To fit it all in it’s going to take tactics.

We have a good mixture going on. First of all, it’s a Saturday, get a lay in until 9amish? (That counts as a lie in!) in preparation of your day of intense exercise.

Arrive at SportsDock for 10:30am and prep yourself for Kef’s Train Insane, it begins at 11am in Arena 1. This class is circuit based and each exercise is timed so you can push yourself as hard as you want. Take a break and recuperate.

Next up is dance fitness (12pm) with Gintare! An hour of cardio based dance from different styles. Don’t label it for women, guys dance too! Get your Ashley Banjo on and get down to a mix of current hits.

Take a break that was intense! Grab a bite to eat from Munch café, top up your protein shake and breathe…

Time for something different. At 2pm join in the free sports, choose from Basketball, Volleyball or Badminton…or a bit of all of them! You never know, you might find a hidden talent. Could you be the next Michael Jordan?

All that exercise is hard work. But you’ve one more stop to make before you’re done. The Fitness Centre!

This takes you to about half four (Depending on how long you hold out in the gym) and you have fully exhausted everything SportsDock has to offer at the community day.

Only got half a day? Don’t worry, classes run throughout the day with three Train Insane, a dance fitness, two Zumba and a yoga class you’re not going to miss out if you lay in or have to give it an early start. Check out the full timetable here.

Don’t forget about our prize draw! Take out membership on the day and you could win an extra three months of Gold membership!

Keeping those resolutions

On New year’s, like many others, I made new year’s resolutions. I will stop eating lots of chocolate, I will exercise more, I will lose weight. So three months down the line how am I doing?

I will stop eating lots of chocolate

I will exercise more

I will lose weight

 So as a result of the above I did not lose weight.

Getting back on the wagon

Three weeks ago I decided things needed to change. This is how I did it.

Find the time

I was never a morning person. I tried classes at lunch (Didn’t work) I tried classes after work (I just want to get home) So I decided I should become a morning person. I get up an hour earlier and spend half an hour a day at the gym…yes, the gym.

Make a plan

Stick to it

Find your motivation