Keeping those resolutions

On New year’s, like many others, I made new year’s resolutions. I will stop eating lots of chocolate, I will exercise more, I will lose weight. So three months down the line how am I doing?

I will stop eating lots of chocolate

I will exercise more

I started doing classes three times a week. Pilates, Boxercise, Dance Registrati. I had convinced myself that the gym wasn’t for me. I didn’t know what I was doing and preferred dancing to running any day. Problem. Classes are at set times of the day and one over run meeting can mess the whole system up. Exercise goes out the window.

I will lose weight

 So as a result of the above I did not lose weight.

Getting back on the wagon

Three weeks ago I decided things needed to change. This is how I did it.

Find the time

I was never a morning person. I tried classes at lunch (Didn’t work) I tried classes after work (I just want to get home) So I decided I should become a morning person. I get up an hour earlier and spend half an hour a day at the gym…yes, the gym.

Make a plan

Stick to it

Find your motivation

18 Novembre, 2020

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